Brand Ambassador/Collaborator


// Who?

We are looking for some energetic, creative, friendly and passionate folks who are interested in all-natural living, self-care, and growth. But even more than that, who are interested in the products and mission of Sam Wish and helping us spread the word to expand our business and share the self-love! IMPORTANT: You must also have a substantial, engaged following of at least 1,000 on your preferred social media account.


// What?

As a brand ambassador: you would be required to post about Sam Wish 1-3 times per month on your social media accounts (Instagram, Blog, Youtube, and Facebook, if applicable). We may also ask you to be featured on our social media accounts from time to time. And of course, we encourage your feedback, suggestions, and ideas on how we can better improve the Sam Wish experience for you and for others!  

As a collaborator: we welcome giveaways, product reviews, product collaborations, etc. Please see “How?” to contact me with ideas or suggestions on how you would like to work with Sam Wish!


// Why?

Being a brand ambassador means we send you a new product, of your choice (!), every single month. And a bonus one if there are special product promotions happening! You will also receive a personalized discount code for you and your followers, the opportunity to hold giveaways once a quarter, and the chance to be featured on our social media.

Being a collaborator you will benefit from free products, increased exposure to my followers, as well as the opportunity to treat your followers via discounts, giveaways, or customized products.


// How?

If you think you’d make a fabulous Brand Ambassador or Collaborator for Sam Wish, please email me at Include the subject line: Sam Wish Brand Ambassador (or) Collaborator, introduce yourself, let me know why you want to be our brand ambassador or collaborator, and include links to whatever social media accounts are applicable.


We thank you for your interest in Sam Wish and helping us grow! We can’t wait to hear from you!