Do you make all of your body care products?

Yes, we do! We create all of our products in small batches from our very own home! Each one is specially mixed, poured, and packaged with love! 

Are all of your products 100% organic? 

We take pride in using the highest quality, natural and organic ingredients that we can get our hands on. That said, there are a few things beyond our control that we are not able to get organic. For example, things that are inorganic like salt! Salt actually can not be considered "organic" in the U.S. because we have no organic standard for it yet. However, I purchase extremely high quality salts that pass the organic standards that are set in places like France and New Zealand. So even though they can not be deemed "organic" in America, their quality should not be understated. This also goes for baking soda which is inorganic in nature but can be manufactured to certain standards, ours is "within NOP standards for use in organic production, and is manufactured to USP and NSF standards". 

And there are a few other ingredients that I am still searching for a high quality, organic substitute to switch over to. But I make sure to carefully note in the listings which ingredients are organic and which are not, so that my customers can be correctly informed! All products with "Organic" in the title, will be 100% organic and organic compliant. 

What happens if my product seperates? 

A consideration to be had when buying all-natural, organic products is that any seperation that may occur should be looked upon with pride rather than disgust. This is what happens when you choose to exclude a laundry-list of toxins and can be rectified with a simple stirring!

What kind of essential oils do you use and what's the big deal? 

Essential oils are actually what got me interested in making body products so I am very passionate about this subject! I only use essential oils from one company for a few different reasons. I believe they are the best quality oils out there and that is extremely important to me. Also, I think they are an exceptional company as a whole and I love supporting their mission and everything they're about. Please email me if you are intersted in learning more about this wonderful company

Do you reserve items? 

I will reserve 5 items for a maximum amount of 10 days. Feel free to email me at samwish3@gmail.com if you'd like something reserved! 

Do you offer returns or exchanges? 

Of course! Please contact me if you have any concerns about your order so that I can better assist you. You may return an item within 14 days of purchase. Full refunds are given for goods that come back in the same conditions I shipped it in. However, refunds do NOT include shippping costs so please pay attention to the listing specifications.

What happens if my package gets lost in the mail? 

Please understand that once I leave the package with USPS, it is no longer in my hands! If this happens, please check the tracking number and contact your local post office. 

Do you charge tax? 

Only sales in Texas will be taxed 8.25%

Do you offer any discounts? 

In exchange for filling out our store survey, I will give you a coupon for 25% off. Check it out here: 


We also offer sales and deals which you can check out on our facebook page here: 



If you have any questions or comments, please email me at samwish3@gmail.com